The Facilities

From Clair Jaeger’s bedroom, to the pool garden, to the sprawling labyrinth of specially designed catteries, the Maine Coons of Jaeger Cats have ample space and opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and express their wild sides at each stage of their lives. 


The Bedroom

(Birth to four weeks)

When the time draws near, the queens are given a special spot in Clair Jaeger’s own bedroom. This ensures that she is there for the mother during the birth to help everything go smoothly, and she can keep a close eye on the kittens in their vulnerable early days. 

Each litter is born in large plastic tubs layered with freshly laundered towels. The tubs serve several purposes: they are easy to clean and disinfect, keeping risks of infection and illness to a minimum for mothers and kittens; the kittens can’t fall out of the tubs or wander off and come to any harm; if the mother needs a break (as moms of all species sometimes do!) they can easily hop out of the tub while the kittens remain in a safe, comfortable space that smells like mom. 


The Kitten Playroom

(Four to eight weeks)

When the kittens are ready, the little family moves out of the bedroom to the kitten playroom. The playroom gives the kittens a little more room and cornucopia of toys to explore and experiment with, but still in a safe and controlled area. There are climbing toys up the walls and even the window is enclosed in mesh so they can sit outside but remain secure.

At this time the kittens also begin the process of weaning, so the kitten playroom doubles as a dining room, and meals including scrambled eggs, thinly sliced raw chicken, and raw minced meat are served to the residents.


The Pool Garden


(Eight weeks and older)

Older kittens and some of the adults are allowed free run of the patio and pool garden. Since Maine Coons enjoy water, the cats can often be spotted pawing at the swimming pool, or sitting with a bushy tail draped in the water. The pool garden is also home to a pair of tortoises, who provide endless amusement for the kittens, and thickets of bamboo and other plants that the cats and kittens love to hide and play in. However, at night the kittens need to be back in the safety of the kitten room with their mothers. 


The Catteries


While the toms and queens of Jaeger Cats are undeniably beloved pets and members of the family first, and breeding cats second, the family has grown to a point that they can't all be in Clair Jaeger’s house at once. 

To ensure they have comfortable lodgings when it’s not their turn to share the human home (and to prevent unplanned pregnancies) Clair has dedicated a small fortune to building a sprawling series of specially designed and equipped catteries. Each of these features custom-built climbing frames, large enough to accommodate the significant stature of the Maine Coon, along with a variety of plants, rocks, water features, trees even water sprinklers and a variety of and sleeping options for the cats to explore and enjoy.


The Jaeger cats are never alone, there is always somebody on duty to ensure that the cats and kittens are looked after. The staff does day shift and Clair usually does night shift. Our full-time staff includes:

Connie, a qualified child-minder who has raised babies for years, changed her career a bit and is now raising kittens. Much to her family's surprise, she is loving it! A more caring and calm mom you could not find. From changing nappies to washing bums to planning kitten menus Connie has her hands full with the kittens.

Emelia loves all the cats and whenever she has free time she can be found spoiling her children. Dodi, Raphaella and Eden are firm favorites. But all the cats love her and clammer to be on her lap. Emelia helps out with admin and kitten registrations and pedigrees.

Has a natural love for animals and nature. She can often be found having a long conversation with the cats as she sweeps the floor and a whole bunch of kittens chase the broom around as if it was a game just for them. 

A loyal and patient assistant to the ladies, Strong is always ready to lend a hand with anything heavy like changing the water bottle or carrying heavy litter boxes. He happily mops, steam cleans or weeds the cattery garden. Endlessly patient with the cats, Strong has demonstrated his gentle and loyal personality is much like a Maine Coon – strong but gentle. 

Cat Kitchen

Adjoining the catteries is the cat kitchen and laundry. Over her years of experience with Maine Coons, Clair has formulated a diet comprised of fresh ingredients like eggs, mince, and chicken, along with traditional cat food. In order to ensure that each of her cats is fed the optimum combination of ingredients, she has built a kitchen just for the storage and preparation of her beloved cats’ meals. With all the mod cons… cat fridge, cat freezer, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, Aquazania water dispenser just for the cats. And a tea and coffee station for staff and visitors, cat toys and beds everywhere.